When it comes to displaying a message, there’s nothing quite as powerful as a bold sign meticulously crafted to emphasize your statement. Empty walls become canvases in which messages can be displayed. When people pass your message, you want them to stop and look, to see what your company is all about. That’s why at Rapid Signs, our goal is to help you broadcast your message to the world with our expert signage options. With creative messages and bold graphics, you will be known to the world.

Our large format graphic options:

Backlit Signs

Backlit signs are an excellent choice for a multitude of display points, such as exhibits, windows, retail point-of-purchases, and it’s easy to see why. Backlit signs are like a message that automatically showcases itself. No matter the message, backlit signs are designed in a way to be eye-catching. With energy efficient energy boxes and high-resolution backlit images, portray your message boldly out to the world with backlit signs.

Construction Hoardings

When you drive by the street and see an immense sign on the side of the road advertising a company or product, you’ve likely seen a construction hoarding. These graphics are able to display a message on locations that people pass by frequently. Coming in all shapes from 20’ to over 1000’, portray your message in strategically placed locations so that people can get to know you.

Vehicle Wraps

What’s better than a regular sign? A moving sign. Vehicle wraps are an excellent way to display a message if you own company cars. Since you’re moving from place to place, why not also do some advertising? It’s killing two birds with one stone.

Wall Murals

Large blank walls can feel a bit empty, but to us, they’re an immense canvas that we can use for creation. With our graphics, wall murals are the most affordable way to display an image, and craft a unique message that’s etched into the walls of the location itself. We’ll do the printing and installing of your message, and as a bonus, we’ll even engineer unique wall structures to print on!

Rapid Signs is located in Coquitlam.