Since our inception, Rapid Signs has been producing quality awnings to enhance any building’s front entrance by integrating your message into the awning. Awnings can not only enhance the look of your building but also send a high impact message, all while being aesthetically pleasing and informative. Our design team and engineers will work with you to produce a custom awning of any color or size, just how you always pictured it.


CNC routers are computer-controlled machines (CNC stands for computer numerical control) that are capable of cutting complex two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) shapes with router bits that spin at high speeds.

This can be done on raw sheet materials to produce straight, curved and contoured shapes, allowing us to quickly and accurately produce any shape from dimensional letters and logos to door plates and door numbers.

The machines we use can handle just about anything. Call us today for a fast and affordable quote.


Waterjet cutting is a process where a high-pressure stream of water is forced through a tiny nozzle at a very high velocity. This allows us to cut through materials often considered too costly or even impossible with other methods such as laser and die cutting. The waterjet cutters we utilize are able to cut through the hardest of materials including stone and metals, leaving smooth and extremely accurate edges.

Water jet cutting is also an environmentally friendly technology, making it the perfect solution for many jobs. From detailed shapes and designs to individually cut letters, our waterjet cutting process can handle it all.