There’s no way around it. Illuminated signs are eye-catching and literally brighten your brand. Our goal and promise to you is to build structural signs that are safe, strong, and durable—all while staying within budget. Our digital print quality is unrivaled, and we offer an endless combination of solutions. Opening a new location? Ready to invigorate your brand? Let Rapid Signs make your vision a reality.


Channel letters are individual letters that are bold and easy-to-read, enhancing the look of your building and allowing you to visually communicate with prospective clients and customers. We produce both illuminated and non-illuminated channel letters to ensure 24/7 visibility, with many different special effects options. The possibilities are endless.


Rapid Signs has been producing illuminated cabinets (boxes) for banks, restaurants, and everything in between for over 20 years. These signs are some of the easiest to maintain while still getting your business the attention it deserves. Our in-house fabrication department can customize the perfect sign for you. Call our sales team today to discuss how we can incorporate a sign cabinet into your business.


LED (Light Emitting Diode) signs produce a brighter image for a fraction of the operating cost. Not only that, they’re more environmentally friendly with a longer lifespan, while also working better in cold weather. We can convert your existing signage, or start from scratch. It all depends on what you want.


For over 100 years Neon signs have been the way to brighten any company’s image because its colour is second to none. Its eye-catching appeal can also be used as a border to emphasize the distinct architectural features of your business, and as you already know, neon looks amazing at night.

LED / Illuminated Signs

Pylon-based signs are ideal for buildings on high-traffic roadways, and are one of the most common yet effective signs for businesses because of their high visibility. They are especially effective from long distances, as these large, freestanding structures provide both foot and vehicle traffic ample viewing time to check out your sign.


Thing light panels are a great way to illuminate your windows at night, and are ideal for retail stores and financial institutions. Rapid Signs carries a full range of LED Light panels between 1.25″ and 2″ thick, which come in a variety of standard sizes. These panels are 75% more energy efficient than standard fluorescent lamps and are great for indoor applications. All the necessary electrical components are included.