Banners are the most popular type of signage and the easiest way to advertise because of their low cost and versatility. At Rapid Signs, we can customize them to any shape, size, or colour. We offer various types of banners, from vinyl to custom, giving you maximum exposure for the lowest cost.

Our high-tech digital printers make full colour, custom banners amazingly cost effective, with the added bonus of the fastest turnaround times of any sign.

Our custom banners offer you the chance to really show off the uniqueness of your business or product, bringing out its personality through the huge variety of materials to choose from. These materials include everything from vinyl to mesh and fabric, for banners both indoors and outdoors.

We also offer a wide variety of stands, hangers, and wall mounting options so that you can place them anywhere and be sure that that they will attract attention.


Our vinyl banners are made from the latest durable fabrics, and we have them in both gloss and matte finishes, depending on what you’re looking for. We also only use UV inks for our banners to ensure they are fully weather and fade resistant.

Our printers can print up to 10’ wide and over 150’ long, and larger banners can be hemmed together in a way that looks virtually seamless!


Mesh banners are best suited for the outdoors where the wind is a factor. Most commonly used for outdoor graphics on buildings, scaffolding, and fencing, the material is durable and lightweight, with minimal wind resistance. Our mesh banners are also tear-resistant and flame retardant, and can be printed up to 10’ X 150’ seamlessly!

Even larger banners can be tiled together by our expert sewing staff.


Nylon banners are ideal for indoor applications, and our wide range of colours and sizes means that whatever you’re looking for, Rapid Signs can do it. Nylon is most commonly used for things like company logos and flags because of its flexibility and durability.

Flags are a great way to grab attention, and we’ll even install your flag on a light post, flagpole, or building, creating a classy look that reflects your message and company.